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About Company

Daida financial Services (DFS) was formed with a focus on providing microfinance services to the urban people, civil servants and to Small and Medium businesses by offering quick affordable (Fasta) loans.

DFS has emerged as a strong value-based and systems-driven company with a high level of customer focus, strong governance and sound ethical practices. As such, the Company is uniquely positioned to bring organized financial services to a large number of clients who otherwise would not have access to quick accessible credit and other financial services on attractive terms.

Our Mission

To provide Fasta Accessible Loans

Our Vision

To strongly contribute to the development of Africa through our participation in Business.

Our Objective

  • To make available quick accessible loans.
  • To educate and highlight the importance of achieving financial freedom and also offer wealth accumulation knowledge to those in need of it.
  • Our Products

    Our Fasta loan services are offered

  • Government civil servants
  • Small Medium Enterprises
  • Contractors
  • And individuals
  • Our focus is on emergency (Fasta) Loans offered in the quickest time possible since we are well aware that our clients approach us as a last resort for cash.

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